Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Justin Bieber's 'All Around the World' Featuring Ludacris

Justin Bieber Showcase In Milan The song is a tight, coherent take on the synth-laden pop that's currently ubiquitous on American radio, the sort of track being pumped out by everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Nicki Minaj. Yes, it's ridiculously catchy: As evidenced by his willingness to lift up his shirt on command, the Biebs is all about giving his fans what they want.

The fan reaction to the song has been overwhelmingly positive. The song quickly shot to the No. 2 spot on the iTunes singles charts, prompting Bieber to joke, "#AllAroundTheWorld is #2 on ITUNES!!! @carlyraejepsen can i have that #1 spot...maybe? haha. had to do it. Push for #1!"

Not all Justin's fans are down with the new track. Some Beliebers seem a little upset by his move toward the mainstream, and possibly his burgeoning maturity. One top comment on a YouTube upload of the new song reads, "Love the song, just hate that people come now like 'omygod i like him so much' while they were first making fun of him.. + I miss the old Justin. I still love him, i will always love him. But i miss the old Justin. But people change (: I will never forget that little kid. kidrauhl ♥."

Justin Bieber's upcoming album, Believe (due out June 19), is bound to hit the number one spot on the Billboard 200 by the sheer force of his ardent Twitter following alone, but the savvy management team behind the Canadian pop phenom is doing everything it can to ensure total album sales domination. On Tuesday, Bieber released the second song off his upcoming release, the house-heavy club banger "All Around the World," which features guest verses from Ludacris (Shawty Mane has yet to rear his bespectacled, rhyme-spitting head).

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