Friday, June 29, 2012

Let's listen Alicia Keys' New Song 'New Day'

IN a video message posted earlier this week, Keys explained, "It's like I'm a different person, a new person. Everything is new, from being married and having a baby, and what that's done for me in just giving me a real sense of stability, a real connection, grounding, reason, and purpose. So much of the music that you're going to hear is talking about what that feels like, what we're all going through, all of us."

Keys' renewed vision is reflected in both the lyrics and the beat of her new track "New Day," a rousing, drum-driven song about moving forward without limitations. It's certainly her catchiest solo work since "No One."

A lot has happened in the three years since Alicia Keys released her last full-length album, The Element of Freedom. The singer wed music producer Swizz Beatz and gave birth to their first child, Egypt, in 2010, which has given the singer-songwriter a fresh perspective on practically everything.

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