Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wow, The Best Hats from Royal Ascot 2012(Party One)

The Best Hats from Royal Ascot 2012
Racegoers at Royal Ascot 2012 sported some spectacular headgear.

The Best Hats at Royal Ascot 2012
Here's the rule: You go to Royal Ascot, you wear an awesome hat. Here are some of this year's best looks so far.

Jacqui St. Clair's giant violet
Jacqui St. Clair's no shrinking violet—in fact, she's wearing a giant one on her head.

A Royal Ascot racegoer in summer white
A Royal Ascot racegoer wears a light and breezy summer-white fascinator.

The Tootsie Rollers wear matching outfits and red hats
When in doubt, go in theme costumes! The Tootsie Rollers wore matching print dresses and red hats to Royal Ascot.

A study in red and black
A Royal Ascot racegoer pairs a bold red dress with a lush black hat. Feels a little bit Goth, don't you think?

David Shilling wears a cockatoo on his top hat
It's not just fun headwear for the ladies at Royal Ascot—David Shilling got in on the action with this cockatoo-adorned top hat.

The bigger the fascinator, the closer you are to heaven
Here's the rule for making an impressive entrance at Royal Ascot: the bigger, the louder, the more colorful the headpiece, the better. Or, we hope so for this lady's sake.

Head-to-toe pink works too
When you can't quite suss out how to match an OTT hat to your OTT outfit, why not just pick a headpiece in the same shade? Check out this Pepto-pink hat—paired with a matching pink dress. The giant spiky feathers protruding from her head—those are a mystery to us, though.

Kate Silverton in traditional taupe
Just because you attend Royal Ascot doesn't mean you need to go bananas with your hat choice. Understated and classical in a subdued neutral also works. Just ask Kate Silverton in her taupe and featured fedora.
Sunny in head-to-toe yellow
Yellow is fast becoming the color of the season—and it looks like this lady got the fashion memo!

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