Friday, June 8, 2012

OMG, 21 Things You Don't Know About Emma Stone (Part One)

Let's Talk Emma
Emma Stone is one of Hollywood's hottest rising stars. She's dating Spider-Man, has kissed Ryan Gosling almost as many times as Eva Mendes (probably), and has the uncanny ability to pull off any hair color. Check out more fun facts about this gorgeous star ahead.

1. Her Real Name Isn't Emma
Emma Stone was born Emily Jean Stone. She changed her name while registering for her Screen Actors Guild card and found "Emily Stone" was taken. Some people still call her "Emily," which must be thoroughly confusing for everyone. "Jean" was her grandmother's first name.

2. She's a High School Dropout
The star attended Xavier College Preparatory, a Catholic high school in Phoenix, for one semester before dropping out to pursue her acting dreams. She was home schooled after that.

3. She Got Her Big Break on a VH1 Reality Show
Emma Stone got her big break back when reality TV was just heating up. She won the role of Laurie Partridge in 2004 on VH1's In Search of the New Partridge Family! Unfortunately, the show tanked (they only produced one episode), but she did land some minor TV guest spots following the failed gig. She landed her first recurring role on TV's Drive in 2007.

4. She Really Broke Both Arms
Emma Stone was in bad shape at the age of seven when she broke both arms on the parallel bars in gymnastics. Years later, the actress starred in the "I Broke My Arm" skit on Saturday Night Live. She did break both arms in the sketch, along with both of her legs and just about everything else.

5. She's Not a Natural Redhead
Although the big screen beauty is best known for her copper locks, they're not natural! Her real hair color is blond. However, she landed her first TV role after dying her hair dark brown.

6. Judd Apatow Made Her Dye Her Hair Red
We all have famed film producer Judd Apatow to thank for Stone's now-signature red hair. He was the one who convinced her to ditch her brunette locks back in 2007 for her role in Superbad. "Judd made me a redhead," she explained in 2010. “I was a brunette during casting. Then Judd walked in, said 'Make it red,’ and walked out. So he made me this way.”

7. There's a Reason She Has a Low-Pitched Voice
Along with her red hair, the actress is known for her husky, low-pitched voice. She joked that it's because she smoked when she was four, but really it comes from having colic as a baby. "My mom dealt with a screaming baby 24 hours a day for the first six months of my life – I screamed myself hoarse every day and developed nodules as an infant," she revealed. "So I have calluses on my vocal cords, which makes me lose my voice all the time and makes doing something like screaming in a scene, over and over, really rough, because then I lose my voice for, like, a week."

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