Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hi, Kate Middleton Ditches Palace Life for a Weekend of Camping

Kate threw on her boots and stomped around the English woods with the kids, stopping to check out wildlife, build makeshift shelters, and, of course, cook over an open fire. The campfire setting also gave the youngsters a chance to chat with Kate about life as a princess. "Well it's been very busy and great fun... but I am well looked after," Middleton said.

Kate's time at Expanding Horizons was just another in a long line of charitable outings that have demonstrated her natural maternal inclinations, which has much of England suspecting the Duchess will soon be (or may already be) pregnant. However, Us Weekly's source confirms that the royal couple does not intend to keep their plans for a family secret. Once Middleton hits the three-month mark in her pregnancy, "the pregnancy will be announced," says the insider. "It won't be hidden."

On most days, the world is accustomed to seeing Kate Middleton in couture gowns, traveling across Europe in fancy town cars and private jets. This weekend, however, the Duchess of Cambridge went rustic over royal.

Middleton joined a group of schoolchildren for Expanding Horizons, a program in which kids of inner-city backgrounds are given the chance for adventure in the countryside. The sleepover camp teaches students team-building skills and offers them the opportunity to explore nature. The program is sponsored by ARK Schools, which is part of Prince William and Harry's charitable foundation.

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