Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wow, The 6 Most Awesome Celebrity Dance Sessions on 'Ellen'

Check out our favorite celebrity Ellen dancers here:

Carmen Electra
Carmen Electra put on quite a show when she graced Ellen's set in 2009, to promote her latest Playboy cover. The fiery brunette came out with her best seductress moves — which, of course, included plenty of booty shaking  — and hilarity ensued when Ellen couldn't quite keep up. The host gave it her very best shot, though. That's what counts, right?

Michelle Obama
Barack Obama can sing and Michelle Obama can Dougie. The First Lady ditched the heels and showed off some sweet moves in sneakers while on the show in February 2012. We know she can do better than her half-speed "raise the roof" entry move, but give her points for getting in her groove before sitting down to chat with Ellen. When asked if their daughters are good dancers, Mrs. Obama revealed: “Well, they each got one of our genes, Sasha has my genes and …” the host then filled in, “uh-oh, that is not good for Malia.”

Justin Theroux
We didn't peg Jennifer Aniston's
motorcycle man as a dancer, but he can seriously bust a move! Justin Theroux proved it while on the show in late February 2012. The actor will only break dance when he has his "special shoes," so his girlfriend made sure to send the host his kicks ahead of time. Theroux then performed an impressive break dance set on the side stage. If you didn't approve of Aniston's latest love before, you might now.

Channing Tatum
Ellen got a little more than she bargained for when Channing Tatum graced her set in 2010. The former stripper gave a sneak peek of his lap dance moves and even though it wasn't the shirtless version, it was enough to make the host blush. If you want to see the hunky star take it all off, you'll just have to cough up the $10 to see Magic Mike in theaters starting Friday. And you'll get to see shirtless Matthew McConaughey and Joe Manganiello as a bonus!

Elle Fanning
Dakota Fanning's little sister, Elle, was just 10 when she first appeared on Ellen in 2009. The budding starlet, who'd already appeared in movies with Sean Penn and Brad Pitt at that point, showed off some hand-on-the-hip dance action to Lady Gaga's "Let's Dance." Then she shrieked her way through the rest of the segment.

Celebs going without pants is old news these days, but back in 2006 Madonna was on the forefront of the movement with her leggy Ellen performance. The 47-year-old singer rocked out to her new song on the show and worked her impressively fit bod in a shiny purple leotard. The 53-year-old isn't wearing much clothing for her appearances either.

Ellen DeGeneres has a gift. Well, she has many gifts, but perhaps her biggest gift of all is the ability to get celebrities to shake their tail feathers, often in really awesome, really embarrassing fashion. And she exploits this talent on her daytime talk show almost every day. The host welcomes her famous guests with a song each episode and expects them to bop to the beat for the first minute or so. Over the years, there have been some real gems.

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