Friday, August 16, 2013

Jessica Alba's most stunning red carpet moments

Sexy Messy

Classic Twist
The Romantic Chignon

Beautiful Bob

Shiny Waves

Sweet Pony

Orange Lips

Deep Red Pout

Blue Liner

Great Lengths

Jessica has tried it all—orange lipstick, blue eyeliner, messy updos, waist-length extensions. She's even traded in her chocolate tresses for a bright blond Marilyn 'do! That, however, is a whole other story. From adventurous to romantic, today we're poring over her most stunning red carpet moments.

You don't need us to spell it out, Jessica Alba is simply beautiful. She's got those full lips, doe eyes, and a glowing complexion we'd probably kill for. But she uses this classic beauty to experiment with daring makeup and hair trends, which makes everything so much more fun.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

You Voted, The 25 Hottest Actors of 2013

You voted, and here are the top 25 leading men of screens both large and small.

1. Alexander Skarsgard
Age: 34
Height: 6'4"
Sign: Virgo
Turn-Ons: Pale skin, immortality

Turn-Offs: Sunshine, wooden stakes, garlic
Recent Achievements in Hotness: Alexander Skarsgard is very comfortable acting in the buff for just about every episode of True Blood, which may or may not account for the show's continual renewal by HBO.

2. Zach Efron
Age: 25
Height: 5'8"
Sign: Libra
Turn-Ons: Musical high schools, hair product

Turn-Offs: Jellyfish stings, red carpet awkwardness
Recent Achievements in Hotness: Zac Efron dancing in the rain with Nicole Kidman while only wearing tighty whities is all the reason you need to rent The Paperboy.

3. Chris Evans
Age: 32
Height: 6'0"
Sign: Gemini
Turn-Ons: Patriotism, working out, avenging things

Turn-Offs: Nazis, aliens, people with weak moral fiber
Recent Achievements in Hotness: The stars and stripes have never looked sexier than when they were turned into a uniform designed to accentuate all Chris Evans' muscles.

4. Paul Walker
Age: 39
Height: 6'2"
Sign: Virgo
Turn-Ons: Cars, living a quarter-mile at a time, pulling one last job

Turn-Offs: Speed limits, cops, losing pink slips
Recent Achievements in Hotness: Paul Walker may be, like, 100 pounds lighter than his Fast co-stars, but in terms of looking sexy at 90 MPH, he always comes in first place.

5. James Franco
Age: 35
Height: 5'11"
Sign: Aries
Turn-Ons: Soap operas, art, body pillows, Seth Rogen

Turn-Offs: Heavy rocks, spiders, the apocalypse, Danny McBride
Recent Achievements in Hotness: Somehow James Franco managed to pull off cornrows and double grills in Spring Breakers, turning sleazy into sexy (as confounding as that seems).

6. Ben Affleck
Age: 40
Height: 6'4"
Sign: Leo
Turn-Ons: Top secret missions, robbing banks, anything about Boston, hazing freshman

Turn-Offs: Best friends who don't live up to their potential, getting caught, Gigli
Recent Achievements in Hotness: It doesn't get much hotter than being the king of Hollywood on Oscar night.

7. Robert Downey Jr.
Age: 48
Height: 5'9"
Sign: Aries
Turn-Ons: The power of flight, women named after seasoning, science

Turn-Offs: Rules, corporate irresponsibility, being interrupted
Recent Achievements in Hotness: Saving the world twice in less than a year? Super hot.

8. Leonardo DiCaprio
Age: 38
Height: 6'0"
Sign: Scorpio
Turn-Ons: Privacy, boyhood crushes, lots of polos

Turn-Offs: Pools, icebergs, anything to do with water really
Recent Achievements in Hotness: The Great Gatsby turned Leo into a clean-shaven playboy who hosts lavish parties. It was like Romeo + Juliet all over again.

9. Orlando Bloom
Age: 36
Height: 5'10"
Sign: Capricorn
Turn-Ons: Elvish, arrows, buried treasure

Turn-Offs: Mordor, orcs, curses
Recent Achievements in Hotness: For the most part, Orlando Bloom has transitioned into full-on dad mode with son Flynn, but that just makes him a total DILF.

10. Ian Somerhalder
Age: 34
Height: 5'10"
Sign: Sagittarius
Turn-Ons: Doppelgängers, blood, sharp teeth

Turn-Offs: Love triangles, sibling rivalry, stakes
Recent Achievements in Hotness: After multiple seasons of vying for Nina Dobrev's love on The Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder finally came out victorious over his TV brother. (Too bad the same can not be said for real life.)

11. Liam Hemsworth
Age: 23
Height: 6'3"
Sign: Capricorn
Turn-Ons: Short hair, archery, strong women

Turn-Offs: Hunger, oppression, bloodsport
Recent Achievements in Hotness: Despite having the most meager of accouterments in District 12, Liam Hemsworth is still a bigger stud anyone in the Capitol.

12. Jake Gyllenhaal
Age: 32
Height: 6'0"
Sign: Sagittarius
Turn-Ons: Cowboys, time travel, Persian swords

Turn-Offs: Serial killers, people who quit other people, terminal illnesses
Recent Achievements in Hotness: Everyone loves a tough guy in uniform, and it didn't get much tougher than Jake Gyllenhaal cracking heads as an LAPD officer in End of Watch.

13. George Clooney
Age: 52
Height: 6'0"
Sign: Taurus
Turn-Ons: Elaborate heists, casinos, foxes, being a leader

Turn-Offs: Greedy farmers, backstabbing, McCarthyism
Recent Achievements in Hotness: Humility is sexy, and there's not a more humble guy in Hollywood than George Clooney, as evidenced by the fact that he didn't say a word when he took home an Oscar for Argo's Best Picture win. He just let his buddy have the moment.

14. Henry Cavill
Age: 30
Height: 6'1"
Sign: Taurus
Turn-Ons: Flight, solititude, women in glasses

Turn-Offs: Kryptonite, large-scale urban destruction
Recent Achievements in Hotness: It takes a certain kind of man to pull of blue tights and a cape. Henry Cavill is that kind of man.

15. Gerard Butler
Age: 43
Height: 6'2"
Sign: Scorpio
Turn-Ons: Sit-ups, protecting the President, big wave surfing

Turn-Offs: Terrorism, shirts, Katherine Heigl
Recent Achievements in Hotness: Gerard Butler was saving the White House before it was cool. (Looking your way, Channing Tatum.)

16. Channing Tatum
Age: 33
Height: 6'1"
Sign: Taurus
Turn-Ons: Banana hammocks, crumpled dollar bills, positions of authority

Turn-Offs: Clothing, bad guys, science
Recent Achievements in Hotness: Gerard Butler may have saved the POTUS and the White House before Channing Tatum, but Tatum did it in a tank-top, so that's a win for C-Tates. (But all that really needs to be said is: Magic Mike.)

17. Brad Pitt
Age: 49
Height: 5'11"
Sign: Sagittarius
Turn-Ons: Fighting, fly-fishing, baseball, rewriting history

Turn-Offs: Zombies, Nazis, aging backwards
Recent Achievements in Hotness: Brad Pitt has saved the world from serial killers, Hitler, Spartans, and antiquated baseball scouting tactics, but none of that compares to fending off a zombie apocalypse with perfectly manicured hair.

18. Chris Hemsworth
Age: 29
Height: 6'4"
Sign: Leo
Turn-Ons: Hammers, space, lightning

Turn-Offs: Haircuts, betrayal, haunted forests, shirt buttons
Recent Achievements in Hotness: Chris Hemsworth's played a superhero and a Huntsman, but this year he has the need for speed. He'll be bringing those long golden locks to Formula 1 racing in Rush, and everyone knows race car drivers are hot.

19. Josh Duhamel
Age: 40
Height: 6'4"
Sign: Scorpio
Turn-Ons: Peas, Nicholas Sparks novels, lovely lady lumps

Turn-Offs: Getting slimed, Decepticons
Recent Achievements in Hotness: Josh Duhamel was blessed with great hair, but in his latest film, Scenic Route, he proved it's an unnecessary accessory. Dude can pull off a mohawk.

20. Johnny Depp
Age: 50
Height: 5'10"
Sign: Gemini
Turn-Ons: Treasure, chocolate, plant sculptures, tea parties, rum, lots of makeup

Turn-Offs: Bat country, waterbeds, headless horsemen
Recent Achievements in Hotness: While it was culturally questionable to play Tonto the way he did in Lone Ranger, at least we know Johnny Depp still looks good shirtless at 50.

21. Ryan Gosling
Age: 32
Height: 6'1"
Sign: Scorpio
Turn-Ons: Driving, sex dolls, kissing in the rain, journaling

Turn-Offs: Gangsters, Alzheimer's, the Future Room
Recent Achievements in Hotness: As we know, there are plenty of reasons to like Ryan Gosling, but let's be real — one of the biggest is that perfect face of his. But as Only God Forgives taught us, Gos can bring the hotness even when this happens to his pretty mug.

22. Ryan Reynolds
Age: 36
Height: 6'2"
Sign: Libra
Turn-Ons: Snail racing, super powerful green rings, theme park rides

Turn-Offs: Body-switching, being buried alive, haunted houses
Recent Achievements in Hotness: Despite a resume full of box office bombs (most recently with RIPD), Hollywood studios keep pushing Ryan Reynolds as a leading man. Why? The hotness, obviously.

23. Hugh Jackman
Age: 44
Height: 6'2"
Sign: Libra
Turn-Ons: Talking in song, magic, mutton chops, robot boxing

Turn-Offs: Shaving, vampires/werewolves, immortality
Recent Achievements in Hotness: Hugh Jackman manages to fight an army of ninjas — all while rarely wearing a shirt. That's enough reason to drop $10 on The Wolverine, right?

24. Chris Pine
Age: 32
Height: 6'0"
Sign: Virgo
Turn-Ons: Space travel, trains, the spirit of friendly competition

Turn-Offs: Radiation poisoning, uncontrollable speed
Recent Achievements in Hotness: The Star Trek Into Darkness star was just named the "Hottest Actor in Hollywood" by Zimbio readers. Not too shabby.

25. Bradley Cooper
Age: 38
Height: 6'1"
Sign: Capricorn
Turn-Ons: Vegas, silver linings, the Eagles

Turn-Offs: Vegas the morning after, Ernest Hemingway, limits
Recent Achievements in Hotness: Bradley Cooper's not the most gifted ballroom dancer, but he is one of the most creative, especially when Jennifer Lawrence is his partner.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

What to wear? Selena Gomez's 21 Coolest Casual Looks

Selena's 21 Best Street Style Moments Selena Gomez is finally celebrating her 21st birthday! To join in the fun we gathered up her top 21 coolest, hippest, most boho-fab fashion moments.

Take a look at our picks—do you have a favorite?
1. Bohemian Babe

2. Winter Coat
3. Blazing

4. Cardigan Cool

5. Short Shorts

6. Grunge Girl

7. Cozy Chic

8. Sweater Dress

9. Beach Bum

10. Fringe-tastic

11. Who Wears the Pants

12. Cropped

13. In the Army

14. Stone Washed

15. Ocean Play

16. Cut it Out

17. Shades of Gray

18. Colorful

19. Peace

20. Spring Sweetie

21. Biker Chick