Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Do You Believe That Miley Cyrus Shows Off Bikini Body in Miami

"So now because I am engaged I can't have a friend of the opposite sex?" she tweeted. "Can't have a friend help me out while I'm working alllll day? #dumb."

Check out more of Miley's bikini pics below and see how she stacks up to some of the year's hottest bikini bodies here.

The bar has just been raised in the summer bikini body game. Miley Cyrus showed off her well-toned body when she hit the pool in Miami on Wednesday, and the results are impressive.

Of course, Miley's pool style wasn't enough of a story for gossipmongers insinuating the 19-year-old singer and actress was having inappropriate contact with an unknown beardo in the pool. Turns out the bearded young man in question is just a "good friend, and longtime assistant," according to Miley's rep. His name is Cheyne Thomas, and Miley took to Twitter to call out the nasty rumors on Wednesday.

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