Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Oh, Lindsay Lohan's Car Crash Could Put Her in Jail

Lohan, who is already on probation as the result of her shoplifting case, could be in big trouble yet again on account of her dishonesty. It's a crime to provide false evidence to investigators, and, lying to a police officer could trigger a violation of her probation, which means authorities have two reasons to potentially put Lilo behind bars.

In addition to the criminal charges now on the table as a result of the accident, Lohan could face a civil suit as well. The driver of the truck Lohan ran into has lawyered up and is seeking financial restitution for physical and emotional damages suffered.

Although she's facing more time in a courtroom, Lohan didn't let that deter her from getting back to work on her upcoming made-for-TV movie Liz and Dick. Lilo arrived to the set on time (shocker) Monday, and, if you're wondering, someone else drove.

Most people lucky enough to get a second chance are grateful for the opportunity to learn from their mistakes. Lindsay Lohan, on the other hand, has burned through second chances like dime-store cigarettes, and she's still making dumb decisions.

In the aftermath of last week's car accident involving her rented Porshe and the back of a big rig, the word is Lohan lied to police about the circumstances surrounding the crash. TMZ reports that while Lohan recovered in the hospital, police investigating the accident stopped by to ask the actress what happened. According to TMZ's unnamed source, Lindsay told them it was her assistant who was behind the wheel, despite several eyewitnesses stating otherwise. Even Lohan's assistant couldn't corroborate her boss' story because he had already told police Lindsay was the driver.

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