Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Victoria Beckham is tough

Burn the Booties

Victoria Beckham is tough—just look at how she wrapped a bunch of Band-Aids around her feet to hobble into the CFDA/Vogue event! No word on what her injuries are, but she pairs her victimized ankles with head-to-ankle Beckham—naturally—in a white lace shirt, A-line skirt, and bugeye shades—probably to hide the pain in her eyes.

Lovely fascinator while attending the Melbourne Cup

Mischa Barton

The actress shows off her lovely fascinator while attending the Melbourne Cup in Australia.


Oh, Jennifer Lopez, just because you know how caliente you are at the UNESCO Charity Gala in Germany doesn't mean you need to turn on that sexy face and try to burn a hole through our heads. Yes, this Lanvin one-shoulder Chantilly lace gown with a velvet sash makes you look like walking sex; yes, we're jealous of your curves and...OK, you win at life.