Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Oh, Kreayshawn Goes Lo-Fi for New 'Summertime' Music Video

The "Summertime" video is about as basic as one can get, but as Kreay's never been about flashy production values. The clip follows her on a lazy day in Los Angeles, in which she strolls the Hollywood Walk of Fame and — big surprise! — smokes a funny-looking cigarette and blows smoke into the camera.

The Oakland native drops not-entirely-subtle lines about drinking beer on the beach and taking MDMA at the Puerto Rican Day parade in addition to a chorus about wanting to steal "your b**ch," who looks great in a bikini. No one ever said that summer songs had to be smart. Remember LFO's hit "Summer Girls"? Of course you do.

Last year's Internet sensation Kreayshawn is hoping to nab another summer hit with her new single, "Summertime," a straightforward party track featuring Kreay's longtime pal V-Nasty as a shouty guest.

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