Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yes, No Doubt Offer a Sneak Peek at Horn-Heavy New Album 'Push and Shove'

The webisode posted Monday shows longtime touring musicians Stephen Bradley and Gabrial McNair laying down the brass. As Gwen notes in the video, "This is really when you know you're getting close."

Stefani later explains that "all the reggae, dancehall-y type songs have horns." It seems that there will be more of those island-inspired tracks on this record than the there were on band's 2001 effort Rock Steady, as Stefani also insists, "I'm surprised how many songs actually have horns on this record. I don't even think the last album had this many."

Push and Shove drops September 25 on Interscope. The band has already filmed a video for the first single, "Settle Down," with longtime collaborator Sophie Muller.

No Doubt fans couldn't be more excited about Push and Shove, the band's first full-length album in over a decade. Though Gwen Stefani and crew have yet to release the album's lead single, they've been posting behind-the-scenes video webisodes that have provided some clues about what to expect: Horns, and lots of them.

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