Saturday, June 9, 2012

OMG, 21 Things You Don't Know About Emma Stone (Part Three)

15. Her Career Dream Has Come True -- Twice
Emma Stone said she got into acting to fulfill her lifelong dream of hosting Saturday Night Live. Well, she can retire now that she's had the honor twice! The star, who did improv with a local theater group as a kid, hosted the sketch comedy show on October 23, 2010, and again on November 12, 2011. She's now trying to convince Ryan Gosling to do it.

16. She's Fallen in Love with Ryan Gosling -- Twice
Ladies everywhere envy Emma Stone's onscreen love affair with Ryan Gosling. The two appeared together in 2011's Crazy, Stupid, Love and their next flick, Gangster Squad, is due out next year. This all means the actress has probably kissed the Gos almost as much as his own girlfriend, Eva Mendes. While we'd sure like to know what it's like to smooch the dreamy actor, Stone won't kiss and tell.

17. She Met Her Boyfriend on the Job
The real object of Emma's affection is her Amazing Spider-Man co-star Andrew Garfield. The pair stepped out together in early January and have been going strong since. One of their favorite pastimes is strolling the streets of NYC with coffee and cute hats.

18. She's BFFs with Taylor Swift
Emma Stone is one of the hottest young actors around, so it's not too surprising that she's befriended one of the hottest young singers around. She talked about her friendship with Taylor Swift in 2011. "We met at the Young Hollywood Awards for Hollywood Life magazine," she explained. "We met there three years ago, and then I listened to some of her music, and I wrote her an e-mail saying I liked her music, I swear. And then we started talking and hanging out."

19. Jonah Hill is One of Her Favorite People
Jonah Hill helped make Stone a star in Superbad, and they've been close ever since. She had to pass up starring with him again in the 21 Jump Street remake this year, but it wasn't personal. At the time, she said the actor's one of her favorite people "in the entire world."

20. She's a Crier
While the actress has been crowned Hot & Funny, she's also very emotional. Stone won the Trailblazer award at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards and got surprisingly choked up during her acceptance speech. “Thank you, I’m a crier,” she said. “So, I looked up the actual definition of trailblazer, and it means someone who blazes a trail to be followed by others. And that’s an honor to hear you’re being associated with a concept like that.”

21. Bill Murray is One of Her Idols
We don't expect Emma Stone to wear 15 kinds of plaid to her next big Hollywood event, but she does idolize actor Bill Murray. She says she's also inspired by Gilda Radner, John Candy, Charlie Chaplin, the Beatles, Lorne Michaels, Cameron Crowe and the Beatles.

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