Thursday, June 14, 2012

See Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Foy in New Pictures from 'Breaking Dawn

In the new photos published by Entertainment Weekly, Foy rests on Stewart's lap, holds her movie mom's hand, and commiserates with Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner). That last bit will be particularly interesting to readers, because in the book [SPOILER], Jacob Black imprints on the young Renesmee. Explained in the books as being not really romantic love, the imprinting thing is still pretty weird, and it's implied that despite the odd age gap, Jacob and Renesmee are destined to end up together.

While these new details will have Twilight fans salivating, it's hard to gauge whether franchise fatigue and competition from the Hunger Games movies will have diminished interest in the final film. Guess we'll have to wait till November to find out. (Or you can vote in our poll below to let us know if you're "over" the Twilight movies.)

Kristen Stewart looks prepped for the role of mama vampire in the new pictures from Twilight: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 that were released Wednesday. While we're certainly intrigued by seeing Kristen in all her vampy glory, (yellow contact lenses and an icy complexion), its young actress Mackenzie Foy who's stealing the show.

Foy, 11, plays Renesmee Cullen in the final Twilight movie. For those unfamiliar with the books [SPOILER ALERT], Renesmee is Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella's (Stewart) daughter, and her birth sets off a chain of events that puts the entire Cullen clan at risk of annihilation.

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