Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kristin Stewart heads to Australia, Kim and Kanye cruise Paris, and much more

Kristin Stewart heads to Australia, Kim and Kanye cruise Paris, Sofia Vergara snacks in New York, Rihanna gets sporty, and much more...

Cherry on Top
In the downtime between Modern Family seasons, Sofia Vergara has been enjoying the summer in New York. While her castmates were busy winning Critic's Choice Awards, Vergara walked the streets of SoHo while snacking on market fresh cherries.

Kristen Goes Down Under
The media blitz of Snow White and the Huntsman is far from over for its stars. Kristen Stewart joined Chris Hemsworth in Sydney, Australia, for the Down Under premiere. KStew showed off her smile and some skin in a beaded top and skirt that looked more like art than an outfit.

Rollin' in Style
Don't worry, that's just two of the most famous people in the world riding in one of the most famous cars in the world. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are still enjoying their Parisian getaway, and they're sparing no expense, riding around the streets of France in a fancy white Lamborghini.

Don't get us wrong, Carrie Underwood is both beautiful and talented, but she needs a little help with this outfit. The smile and the legs are working but the Peter Pan ensemble needs work.

Feeling Sporty
Rihanna went with a casual look when she arrived in London. The pop star paired a sporty mesh crop-top football jersey with a wild animal print skirt. Old school Converse rounded out an ensemble that may not find its way on best dressed lists, but was comfortable as hell.

Stomach Swag
The spawn of Snooki is coming. No, that's not the tagline for an upcoming horror movie, it's just the fact that the Jersey Shore star is starting to show in the belly region, which means the world will have a guido-in-training before the end of the year.

Easy Rider
Is that George Clooney on the set of the Wild Hogs sequel? No, of course not. George would never lower himself to that material. Clooney's just enjoying his time on vacation in Lake Como by riding the open road on his motorcycle.

Seeing Red
Believe it or not, that's Mad Men star January Jones. Yup, Jones has ditched the platinum blonde locks in favor of a bright red. Only time will tell what this means for Betty Draper.

Drop It Like It's Hot
UK pop star and former X-Factor judge Cheryl Cole was out in London on a press tour for the release of her new album A Million Lights. The British beauty's leather pants might say rock 'n' roll, but Cole's new record is pure pop.

Nerd Alert
Ben Stiller's high school math teacher getup isn't the sign of a major style change for the Hollywood funnyman. It's just his character's look for the upcoming Secret Life of Walter Mitty, in which he plays a timid magazine photo manager who lives life vicariously through daydreams and embarks on an adventure when a negative goes missing.

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