Saturday, July 27, 2013

Floral Fashion Rules! Pretty Dresses at

Floral dresses are normally motivations from hallucinations and everything that reminds us of being feminine and pretty. From hot celebs to normal girls, like me, love floral dresses. Floral dress could bring a retro beauty look, like what Dita Von Teese did with her full length floral gown; or give a fresh and pretty summer look like Kelly Brook and Emmy Rossum did.

Floral take on a lavish gaze for summer and spring with geometric prints and tapestry panache brocades. Delicate rosy patterns work impeccably on a vintage stimulated summer dress, while a catholic blend of botanicals will channel the proclivity for maximalist with assertiveness.

Me myself is always fond of pretty floral print dresses. I just can’t have enough of them! So I was so excited when visiting accidentally. There are so many amazing pieces there, and followed are the ones that do catch my eye!
Water colors gives a fresh and cool look in summer! Show your playful side in this cute water- color floral day dress. Combine bold colours and delicate patterns for this trend to make it the centerpiece of your outfit. Compliment by wearing with minimal accessories in any of the colors. The black lace at the top add a nice touch!
I always love yellow and I fell in love with this one at the first sight! Ready to show off your chic girly side with this bright yellow Sunflower Embroidery dress! Most importantly, it costs only 26 bucks!
$40 for a floral tank dress? So cheap and pretty! You could actually pretend it’s vintage! The rose prints are rather impressive!
This black floral dress makes a pretty prom dress! So ladylike and elegant with its tucked in waist and the layered skirt, perfect for canoodling in meadows.
LBDs are wardrobe essentials of course, and I love this floral lace LBD! The collar design is chic and the sheer lace looks so feminine!

Whether you select patterns with hefty, irregular flowers or busy designs that feature minute but dominant flowers, they will appeal the eyes of individuals as you pass them. The above five are my favorite and there are too many to finish my wish list!
What about you? Which is your favorite dress on


  1. Yep. Your post is useful. Thanks for suggesting the amazing pictures. Great job!

  2. Ah..I want them all!!! Definitely love the yellow sunflower! So cute! Perfect for summer!

  3. Wow, beautiful dresses. I love the yellow lace dress most. It is my style. Good post!