Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fergie and Josh Duhamel Go All Out for 'Rock of Ages' Premiere

Fergie didn't look quite as tacky, but she did seem to enjoy dressing up in a very tight LBD
decorated with gold wings of sorts. What she lacked in authentic '80s style she made up for with her impressive open-mouthed sexyface.

Seeing as how this couple did suchJulianne+Hough in a great job of fitting in with the movie's 1987 setting, we're a little disappointed that the film's stars didn't get into character on the red carpet. Tom Cruise wore boring jeans and a suede jacket, while Julianne Hough looked gorgeous in a chartreuse dress that almost counts as '80s because of its neon hue. Malin Akerman wasn't even close. She just went for straight-up Angelina Jolie sexy. Russell Brand did a little better, but we couldn't tell if he was trying to wear a costume or he was just being himself. It's really anyone's guess. The guy definitely has unique style.

If you didn't get enough awesomely bad fashion from Fergie and her man on the red carpet, then you'll love Rock of Ages. The film hits theaters June 15.

Fergie and Josh Duhamel don't star in Rock of Ages, but they should definitely be included in a sequel! The married couple showed up at the film's premiere Friday in L.A. in some very impressive '80s garb -- big hair and skin-tight leather included.

Mr. Duhamel stole the show with his over-the-top black wig, which made the guys of Poison look a bit amateur with their bleached-out spiky 'dos. He paired the mess of curls with a black leather blazer and scarf, and apparently didn't feel the need for a shirt. The star accessorized with a half-full bottle of beer and a cigarette, along with a tacky gold chain and dark aviators. We have to wonder how long the actor spent refining his look.

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