Friday, July 6, 2012

Wow, Madonna Bursts Into Tears During 'Like a Virgin' Performance

Lady Gaga had a most awesome Independence Day, everybody.

•  Lady Gaga is definitely not sad right now. She had an awesome 4th of July in New York with her pals, judging by the pictures.

•  Katy Perry has issued a swift judo chop to the "amicable separation" talk that most celebrities blather when they're going through a divorce by pinning the blame for her recent breakup entirely on Russell Brand. When told by an interviewer from The Sun that her new movie made it appear that it was Brand's failure to visit her on tour that ruined their marriage, Perry admitted, "Yes, if I could edit it any other way I would, but that's exactly the way it was."

•  Rihanna's dad Ronald Fenty wouldn't mind if his daughter reunited with her abusive ex Chris Brown. He recenly told Grazia magazine (via NY Daily News) that the pair have "matured," and that the fans want to see a reunion: "Her fans are hoping it will happen. They see them as the perfect couple."

•  Speaking of perfect couples, Taylor Swift spent her Independence Day with do-gooder and model Patrick Schwarzenegger in Massachusetts. They might be just friends, but they are both very attractive and very wealthy so we'll just speculate that they're totally into each other. Swifty is obsessed with the Kennedy family, after all. And he looks really good with his shirt off.

•  If you're still paying attention, take a listen to Girl in a Coma's cover of Martha and the Vandellas' 1964 hit "Heatwave," perhaps the perfect song for a rocking pool party.

•  At this point, Madonna's running out of shock-and-awe tactics, having already flashed a breast and a bum on her current MDNA tour. During a recent performance in Berlin, the performer decided to go an entirely new route, turning her '80s pop confection "Like a Virgin" into a slow, tragic tune about obsessive and destructive love. The singer even shed a few tears during the performance, her face turned away from the audience, giving off the air of a ruined, once-beautiful film star obsessed with her past.

The singer's theatrics could have been a response to a recent piece in Vogue Italia, in which Giulia Blasi opined, "Madonna's show leaves nothing to chance or spontaneity," sniping that the entire affair comes off "like a very long Glee fantasy sequence crossed with a particularly lavish Eurovision Song Contest perforrnance, with better songs and a lot less humour."

Or Madonna could be trying to one-up her pop competitor Lady Gaga, who recently unveiled a an extremely depressing song about suicidal ideation, "Princess Die." See: Madonna can be sad, too!

Madonna is a much more capable actress than anyone who's seen Shanghai Surprise might think. The pop performer squeezed out some melodramatic tears during a performance of "Like a Virgin" in Berlin, perhaps in response to recent criticism that her show is a soulless, heartless parade of spectacle.

Also in music news, Katy Perry thinks her divorce was all Russell Brand's fault, Rihanna's dad thinks her daughter should get back together with Chris Brown, Lady Gaga knows how to party, and Taylor Swift may be dating American royalty. Explanation forthcoming.

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