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Do You know That Movies that Make Celebrities Cry

Movies that Make Celebrities Cry
Even the rich and famous are vulnerable to an emotionally wrought motion picture.

Even actors whose job it is turn tears on and off at the command of a director have films that get them uncontrollably choked up. From Mila Kunis' cry fest over an Orca to Robert Pattinson's heartbreak over freezing penguins, click ahead to see what movies make the rich and famous get sad and weepy.

Robert Pattinson
Robert Pattinson admits he has "more affinity with animals than with people," which explains why the nature documentary March of the Penguins makes him shed tears.

Brad Pitt
Although Brad Pitt describes himself as "not much of a cryer at films," a brutal bout of food poisoning left him in an especially vulnerable place when he put on the 2001 family drama Life as a House. "I don't know if it would still hit me the same way, but on my 27th hour of just pure wretchedness, this movie crushed me," Pitt recalls.

Natalie Portman
It's young love and a fatal bee allergy that gets Natalie Portman "balling." "My Girl makes me cry so much," the Oscar-winner told W magazine.

Snoop Dogg
Watching two best friends ride off in a suicide pact is enough to move one of hip-hop's most famous rappers. Snoop even went to Twitter to tell of his emotional reaction: "Jus Watched thelma n louise a fuckn brilliant movie wow! Shed a tear at d end!"

Carey Mulligan
At 12-years-old, Carey Mulligan spent an entire summer crying over Simon Birch. While Mulligan says the film "devastated" her, she couldn't stop watching it. As she puts it, "[I] became obsessed with sitting there and crying. It was so weird."

R. Kelly
For many, The Notebook tugs on the heartstrings and opens the tear ducts, but for R. Kelly, the emotional fallout from his Notebook viewing convinced him to divorce his wife: "As the film credits started to roll, I couldn't move. I burst into tears. ... I was crying because ... my marriage had died and there was nothing I could do to bring it back." This realization came after watching the film in a packed theater... with his wife.

Charlize Theron
The emotional roller coaster of 50/50 is right up Charlize Theron's emotional alley. Of the film, Theron said, "I love movies that can kind of, like, catch you off guard and you're emotionally crying, and then they just kind of sucker punch you, and you're, you know, snotty-laughing-crying. ... Those are my favorite cries."

Mila Kunis
When you're 9-years-old, the story of a whale trapped in an unscrupulous amusement park is enough to keep you crying for days, especially for Mila Kunis. She described herself as "heartbroken" after watching Free Willy.

Elle & Dakota Fanning
The Fanning sisters have a lot in common: long blond hair, acting careers, oh, and an emotional weakness for movies about the life cycle of the family pooch. In separate interviews both Elle and Dakota listed Marley & Me as the movie that caused them to cry hysterically.

Justin Timberlake
From Forrest Gump to Field of Dreams, Justin Timberlake isn't afraid to shed a tear when a movie hits his emotional core, but it's The Lion King that really makes them flow, because "when dad dies... it's tough."

James Franco
Steel Magnolias has a reputation for being the quintessential "chick flick," but James Franco is here to tell the world not only do men love the film just as much, they are just as emotionally affected by [Spoiler Alert] Julia Roberts' tragic death scene.

Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg is famous for playing larger-than-life tough guys on the big screen, but in real life he's a sensitive dude. Wahlberg copped to crying "seven or eight times" during The Help, which resulted in weeks of mocking from his wife Rhea Durham.

Michelle Williams
The 2007 Mexican film Silent Light made Michelle Williams ball her eyes out to an embarrassing degree. Williams says while watching the film in a crowded theater, "I started crying so hysterically that the person I was with suggested that we leave because I was disrupting the audience."

Colin Firth
Colin Firth speaks for many of us when he recounts why Dumbo made him cry: "Dumbo. Dumbo... I mean, a baby elephant's mom gets locked up in prison. I mean, who's not going to cry? Come on."

Nicole Kidman & Elizabeth Olsen
They may be a generation apart, but Elizabeth Olsen and Nicole Kidman share a love of Gone with the Wind, a love that always ends in tears.

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