Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rihanna Shows Off Bikini Body, Lets Loose in St. Tropez

Photographers caught up with the star and her pals in the middle of the ocean Saturday. They captured some awesome shots of her sporting a sexy bikini, getting some serious air on a jet ski, sipping Coronas, tanning with her pals, and more. There are even pictures of her visit from basketball star Magic Johnson! There are no hardships on that ship.

Of course, Rihanna has kept connected with her fans (her "Navy") and friends with the handy dandy onboard Wi-Fi connection. She's been tweeting pictures of her vacation as well as posting birthday messages to pals and updates about the paparazzi helping her friend who fell off a jet ski.

However, her at sea updates have also sparked a little scandal. She tweeted this message Friday: "Sorry, no phone service in the middle of the ocean! Just Internet! Call you back when I got signal boo! Miss ya" Of course, this got the Interwebs buzzing with even more speculation of her secret relationship ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. You know, because, "boo" can only refer to him, right?

Well, maybe that's the case. But, she called her pal Hayden Williams her "boo" when she shouted out a birthday message to him on Twitter today. "Happy Birthday to Designer/fashion illustrator my boo," she wrote. So, the "boo" thing definitely doesn't equal "boyfriend."

Regardless, it doesn't look like Rihanna is spending any time worrying about her love life these days, especially not this weekend. Cheers to the freakin' weekend, right, RihRih?

Rihanna is a work hard, play harder kind of gal, it seems. She's been busy most of the year with touring and fending off Chris Brown relationship rumors, but her summer vacation has been filled with plenty of down time. The singer has traveled to NYC, Barbados, Italy, and now on a luxury yacht in the South of France.

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