Monday, July 2, 2012

Hello, Adam Levine and Keira Knightley Make a Convincing Couple

Now, of course, hot actors are paired up and have to pretend they're in love all the time. No news there. But, there's something about the pictures of these two together that had us a little confused and concerned at first glance. They really do look smitten! There seems to be some great chemistry between them, or Keira Knightley just has the uncanny ability to make anything look sincere with that stunning smile.

Adam Levine and Keira Knightley spent the day in NYC Friday. They held hands on a walk then enjoyed a refreshing beverage on some steps, all while smiling and laughing. In most cases, this behavior could only mean one thing. However, it's not what you think.

While they do seem to make a great couple, these two are not in love. Not even close. In fact, Ms. Knightley just got engaged and Mr. Levine is wooing a new Victoria's Secret model. Here's the truth: They're filming a movie! The attractive brunettes teamed up yesterday to film Can a Song Save Your Life? in the West Village.

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