Monday, July 16, 2012

'Fringe' Bids An Emotional Farewell, Teases Final Season

"We feel like you have a brick in the building, and it's not saying goodbye, it's saying that we're successful," Wyman said before introducing a special video tribute to the fans that have stuck with the show "year after year…case after case…across time…across universes."

You can watch the final Season 5 trailer in the video below. Fringe returns for its final season Sept. 28 at 9 pm on Fox.

The end is near for Fringe, but that didn't stop devoted fans from camping out all night to get into the very last Comic-Con panel celebrating the fan-favorite sci-fi drama.

Hall H was packed to the gills with fans — all wearing the ultra-cool Observer fedoras that were handed out on the way in — who were eager to celebrate the show and hear juicy details about the upcoming final season. Executive producer J.H. Wyman and stars Joshua Jackson, Anna Torv, John Noble, Jasika Nicole, and Lance Reddick didn't spill many secrets about the final 13 episodes, preferring instead to maintain a fairly high level of secrecy so that fans could enjoy the many surprises that producers have in store for them.

Joshua Jackson did reveal that the mysterious Observers are "much, much worse" than imagined and that the final season will take place entirely in the future glimpsed in episode 4.19. Jackson was also coy, yet hopeful, about Peter and Olivia's future together. "I think that these two will get the final chapter of their story," he said when asked if the star-crossed (and often universe-crossed) pair will get their happily ever after. "The characters won't end when the show ends, but we'll tell our final chapter of the on-air version. This is our final journey together."

J.H. Wyman was equally as cagey when asked whether Henry Ian Cusick would be back next season. "Henry was an astounding performer last season. Let's see if he makes his way into this season." He also teased that there's a reason we've never seen any female Observers. "I think that the answer to your question will become apparent this year," he told the audience. "There's a reason and you'll find out the reason."

Though the panel was light on scoops about the final season, there were no shortage of emotional moments and touching reflections on the show that has become a beloved cult hit over the past four seasons. Jasika Nicole teared up while talking about her favorite scene from the show (when Walter was in the phone booth and he couldn't remember the number to get in touch with Peter). Anna Torv and Lance Reddick also grew emotional while talking about the Astrid-centric episode from last season, saying that it was long overdue for both Jasika and for the fans who had grown to love Astrid.

John Noble summed up the appeal of Fringe and the reason why it has managed to last for five season with less than stellar ratings, saying, "What we've learned is about the power of love in this story. What holds Fringe together is the power of love….and I'm sure that's what you guys have followed it through."

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