Sunday, July 1, 2012

Do You Know That Celebs Who've Dated Rappers(Party Two)

Celebs Who've Dated Rappers
All's fair in love and hip-hop, or something.

Rihanna Dated Drake
It's hard to miss the chemistry between Rihanna and Drake on any of their musical collaborations, but in real life, these two just aren't meant to be. Drake's been honest about the pain he felt when their fling came to an end: "I was hurt because I started to slowly realize what it was. I guess I thought it was more."

Cameron Diaz Maybe Dated Diddy
Cameron Diaz is famously coy about her private life, so we'll probably never know for sure if she and Diddy are indeed friends with benefits, as was rumored in 2008 and again in 2011. But there's this: Usually, friends don't make out and "straddle" each other at star-studded Golden Globes parties.

Amber Rose Dated Kanye West
Amber Rose became a celebrity by association when she began dating dapper rapper Kanye West. Rose has since confessed, "No one knows what I've been through and the things I had to deal with when, you know, Kanye made his album, and he talked reckless about me on his album. And then, you know, I have people throwing things at me in the street, because they're fans of Kanye's."

Cassie Dated Diddy
Diddy refused to drop the details on his rumored relationship with R&B singer Cassie, but there were plenty of incidents that had the public convinced they were an item. There was the fact that they took exotic vacations together, and that time that Diddy tweeted about loving post-coital turkey sandwiches at about the same time Cassie tweeted she was eating a turkey sandwich. No joke.

Katy Perry Dated Travie McCoy
Katy Perry and Gym Class Heroes' Travis McCoy were together for years before they finally pulled the plug on the relationship in 2009. She reportedly penned the song "Circle the Drain" about him, to which he responded, "I look at it like this: I'm just stoked that she finally has a song with some substance on her record. Good job." Funny, coming from the guy who rapped on that Bruno Mars song.

Vivica A. Fox Dated 50 Cent
Vivica A. Fox and 50 Cent briefly dated in 2003, long enough for Fox to get emotional talking about the relationship on The Mo'Nique Show: "When I dated Curtis—I met him as "Curtis," he just happened to be a rap star—we went out too fast, we were very excited about each other ... Then people got in his ear and we unfortunately broke up." Fox says she's forgiven him for rapping about her, and they're now friends.

Jennifer Lopez Dated Diddy
Diddy had nothing but loving things to say of Jennifer Lopez, who broke up with him in 2000. In an interview with Vanity Fair, he boasted he'd save her from a burning building: "Sometimes, when two people get together, you feel a certain type of spark that's like, 'Yo!'"

Amber Rose Is Dating Wiz Khalifa
Amber Rose got burned in her first high profile rap relationship, but that didn't keep her from falling for the blunt-loving Wiz Khalifa. It sure seems like they're happy, judging by the things they tweet about each other, like "It sucks being away from my husband I miss his scent, rubbin my face in his hair, his soft kisses his laugh Lol & smile."

Chelsea Handler Dated 50 Cent
Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent dated for a few months before their relationship came to a ridiculous end. Handler told Howard Stern that she dumped 50 after he called her at work to talk smack about his ex, Ciara, who had booked an appearance on Chelsea's show: "I was like, at my job. It was so juvenile, I was at work. I hung up and I've never spoken to him again."

Diddy Dated Sienna Miller
In 2007, Sienna Miller made headlines for her alleged dalliance with Sean Combs, with whom she was spotted heading into a New York hotel. Coincidentally, the rumored fling happened just after the birth of Combs' twin daughters with on-and-off love Kim Porter.

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