Monday, July 16, 2012

Justin Bieber and 'N Sync Get the 'Boyfriend' Mash-Up Treatment

He wrote in the video's caption, "Now before anyone starts BIEBER NOR TIMBERLAKE SOUND ALIKE. And I didn't create this mashup to defame either of them, I genuinely wanted to mix these two songs because I knew they would go together so well."

It's worth noting that Bieber's music video also blends well with 'N Sync's old "Girlfriend" video... as they're essentially the same thing. Interesting!

A new Bieber/'N Sync mash-up has been making the rounds since last week, delighting fans and reminding everyone that Nelly exists. The DJ behind the piece, Raheem D, seems well aware of the potential drama behind this particular pairing.

It's well-established that Justin Bieber does not appreciate Justin Timberlake comparisons. The Canadian pop phenom has snapped at the suggestion that his song "Boyfriend" sounds like Timberlake material, but, well, it does — and it sounds kind of amazing all mashed up with it, too.

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