Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Have You Paid Attention to Hollywood's Longest Marriages(Party One)

Hollywood's Longest Marriages
Celebrity flames often burn out, but these famous marriages are still going strong — sometime after decades together!

1. Mark Consuelos & Kelly Ripa: Since 1995
This co-star couple met while working on All My Children in 1995, then eloped a year later. Kelly and Mark have three children — Michael, Lola, and Joaquin — and still seem to be very much in love. In 2010 the talk show hostess even got a tattoo of her hubby's last name on her wrist.

2. Will & Jada Pinkett Smith: Since 1997
Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have been married since 1997 and have raised two new little stars. Their kids, Willow and Jaden, have already made a name for themselves in Hollywood, and we can't get enough of this famous fam on the red carpet.

3. Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson: Since 1988
Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson met on the set of his show Bossom Buddies in 1981, but they didn't fall in love until they worked on the film Volunteers together four years later. They married in 1988, and have been enjoying wedded bliss ever since. "I've got the greatest wife in the world. We laugh all day long — except when we fight," Tom once joked.

4. Antonio Banderas & Melanie Griffith: Since 1996
There have been plenty of highs and lows for this red carpet couple since they wed in 1996, but they seem more in love than ever these days. "She helps me get past problems, including the most serious problems that we've had, and she's had. We've got nothing to hide," Antonio Banderas said in 2010 after Melanie checked herself into rehab for substance abuse problems. Marriage can be tough, but these two are always there for each other.

5. Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne: Since 1982
It takes one special lady to put up with Ozzy Osbourne around the clock, and Sharon is her name. These two met when she was 18, and got hitched years later in 1982. Since then they've been through more ups and downs than most couples could probably endure (including son Jack's recent MS diagnosis), but somehow they always come out on top.

6. Tim McGraw & Faith Hill: Since 1996
This country couple started off with a scandal: Faith Hill called off her engagement to another man to be with Tim McGraw while they were touring together in 1996. They married that same year, and have had three daughters and mega-success on the charts since. They've toured together and generally been inseparable for the last 16 years.

7. Meryl Streep & Don Gummer: Since 1978
Meryl Streep and her man, a sculptor, have been hitched since 1978 and still walk hand-in-hand on the red carpet. After 34 years it still looks like young, head-over-heels love to us. In recent years, Meryl and Don have been able to celebrate the success of their daughters, Mamie Gummer and Grace Gummer, who have both gone into acting.

8. Kevin Kline & Phoebe Cates: Since 1989
Kevin Kline might be 16 years older than his Fast Times at Ridgemont High star wife, Phoebe Cates, but that doesn't get in the way of their relationship. They were married in 1989 and have two children.

9. John Travolta & Kelly Preston: Since 1991
John Travolta and Kelly Preston met while filming The Experts in 1987 and were married in 1991. In 2009 they endured the tragic loss of their eldest son, Jett, during a family vacation in the Bahamas. Just over a year later, Kelly welcomed a new addition to the Travolta-Preston family: a healthy baby boy named Benjamin.

10. Kevin Bacon & Kyra Sedwick: Since 1988
Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedwick met on set back in the '80s, and tied the knot in 1988. They've appeared in plenty of flicks together and seem to be able to mix work and their relationship quite well. "To me, marriage is about committing yourself to one person. In my opinion, I got the hottest babe there is; I would never do anything to jeopardize that," Bacon once said in a Cosmo interview.

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