Monday, July 16, 2012

'Supernatural' Promises a 'Game-Changing Element' in Season 8

So what do you think? Are you excited about Supernatural's upcoming eighth season, which will move from Friday nights to Wednesday nights? Hit the comments with your hopes for the season and your speculations about that mysterious power source that Sam and Dean will be hunting for this fall.
1. To Purgatory & Back

Season 7 ended with Dean stuck all alone in purgatory, but don't worry — he won't be staying long. "[Dean's] return from purgatory is going to happen quite quickly,"  producer Ben Edlund revealed early in the panel. It won't be an easy journey back up to the land of the living though. "The story of how he's brought to the limits in that place will be something we explore," he promised.

2. Hellish Flashbacks

That exploration of Dean's time in purgatory and how he gets out will be told in flashbacks throughout the season. Edlund teased that there is a "whole body of events" that take place in purgatory past that affect the present and future for the Winchester brothers. "They're going to meet some bad-asses down there," he said. "There are going to be some problems."

"We can safely say purgatory makes strange bedfellows," Carver revealed.

3. Romance for Sam

As previously reported, Sam's finally getting a new love interest! Actress Liane Balaban will play Amelia, a doctor with a tragic past who is brave, sweet, and sarcastic.

Will Dean also get some loving this season? "I think the only real romance in Dean's life is the car. So in that regard, absolutely," Ackles joked.

4. Bro Bonding

Dean's time in purgatory and the brother's separation will have a "profound affect" on their relationship. "They're going to have to come to terms, like any partnership, with dealing with the new relationship in each other's life," Carver told a packed Hall H. But though their relationship will change and grow, the beginning of Season 8 will find the Winchesters coming together for a very specific goal. "A lot of seasons past the boys have been reacting. This year for the first time in a long time they are starting the season on offense. They really want something and it ties in with the mythology [of the show]," producers revealed.

So what's the mystery item that Sam and Dean are hunting for? Fearful of revealing too much, Carver took a long time to answer before finally saying, "They are all involved in a chase for a…power source…a game-changing element that we've already seen hints of."

5. A Very Crowley Nemesis?

Crowley and the Winchester brothers have managed to maintain a mostly peaceful coexistence so far, but that might be changing. "Crowley is essentially what happens when people aren't paying attention," Mark A. Sheppard mused.

"I think we might be in a situation this year…where we're kind of chasing after the same thing so it could be a bit of a problem," he added. Hmmm, could it be this mysterious power source we're apparently seen before? Or something else entirely?

6. A Break From Mythology (Kind Of)

When asked by a fan if this season would be heavy on mythology and if viewers would finally get the chance to meet God, Carver revealed that Season 8 may pull back a bit in that area. "This season will actually...I think we're going to...We're going to pull back from the heavy, heavy mythology...We're going to give a chance for our brothers to come out a little bit."

He did say, though, that "there will be one more new arcing mythology which will hopefully carry on for many more years."

7. Castiel & Bobby Will Be Back...Probably

The Season 7 finale had Castiel vanishing into thin air and leaving Dean to rot in purgatory. Bobby's ghost, meanwhile, looked to be gone for good after the boys burned the flask. But both Misha Collins and Jim Beaver attended Sunday's Comic-Con panel, which didn't rule out a return for either character.

"Went out for beer and he'll be back shortly," Collins quipped when he was asked where Castiel disappeared to. He dodged multiple questions from fans and the panel moderator about when Castiel would return, but the question dodging in and of itself seemed like an admission that our favorite angel would, indeed, be back next season.

As for Bobby, Jim Beaver was upbeat about the situation. "You can read anything you want into it," he teased. "The pat answer is, it's Supernatural — anything's possible. I have said anything's possible maybe 7,000 times this weekend!"

There was no shortage of screaming when the boys of Supernatural took the stage Sunday morning at Comic-Con.

Executive producer Jeremy Carver, consulting producer Ben Edlund, and stars Mark A. Sheppard, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, and Jim Beaver were greeted by a packed house of very excited fans, some of whom had camped out overnight for the chance to share an hour with the Winchester boys and their merry band of supernratural pals.

So what can Supernatural fans look forward to when the show returns for its eight season this fall? A whole lot of things, it seems.

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