Saturday, July 14, 2012

Have a Look at Lady Gaga's Favorite Songs

Faith No More, "Epic"
Quite a few artists have covered Lady Gaga at this point, but the Mother Monster was particularly chuffed when her hit "Poker Face" was covered by San Francisco metal greats Faith No More in 2009. Gaga used to get down to their most famous track: "'Epic' was my burlesque number at the bar that I used to work at, and I used to fog myself and dance to 'Epic,' Faith No More and I love Faith No More."

Iron Maiden, "Run to the Hills"
Iron Maiden is special to Lady Gaga for a number of reasons. Not only did the band soundtrack some of Gaga's stint as a go-go dancer, they also provided her with a model of the relationship she wants to have with her fans. She told Rolling Stone, "Iron Maiden's never had a hit song, and they tour stadiums around the world, and their fans live, breathe and die for MAIDEN, and that is my dream."

David Bowie, "Rebel Rebel"
It should surprise no one that Lady Gaga's "absolute favorite artist and idol" is David Bowie. Gaga professed her love in an iTunes playlist podcast, averring he was the only musician she'd listen to when she was out partying in her early days in New York City. She recommends drinking a lot to this tune.

Lady Gaga wears her musical influences on her sleeve. The New York-bred performer famously nabbed her stage moniker from a Queen song, and is regularly spotted in colorful ensembles that could easily be interpreted as tributes to her pop predecessors.

But while some of Gaga's influences are obvious — so obvious, it's worth noting, that they've caused her considerable heartbreak, not to mention bad press — others are actually quite surprising. Few people who've indulged in the gleeful pop sophistication of "Just Dance" would expect the song's creator to be a secret metal fan, for instance.

Take a peek at some of Lady Gaga's most beloved songs.

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