Thursday, July 5, 2012

Do You Know ThatJustin Bieber and Selena Gomez Are Breaking Up?

Now, before all the Beliebers get up in arms about the possibility of a babeless Bieber, let's remember that Gomez is 19 and her man is 18. Has any teen couple not broken up at least a time or two? Especially when that teen couple is forced to go weeks without seeing each other and has the added pressures of fame and fortune. Now that doesn't mean the breakup rumors are bunk, but we have to think their behavior is at least somewhat par for the course when it comes to dating in that age bracket, in Hollywood especially.

The pair made their public debut in March 2011 at an Oscar party. After that they frequently walked the red carpet together and made sure to share at least a public smooch or two at every awards show they attended. Most recently, Bieber and Gomez attended the premiere of Katy Perry's movie, but opted out of posing on the red carpet. Their last public appearance was on June 30, when they enjoyed popsicles at the park.

Could it be? Could Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez really be headed for splitsville? Whether you want to believe it or not, TMZ is reporting the young couple has been on the rocks over the last couple of months.

Unnamed sources say they temporarily broke up just last week and that's not the first time. Apparently they've split up multiple times over the last couple of months. They've decided to give things another shot, though.

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