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Ruby accused of cashing in on Lionel Rose name, War of the Roses

Lionel Rose
Lionel Rose

The coffin of Lionel Rose rests on stage at Festival Hall in Melbourne during his funeral. Ruby Rose attended her godfather's funeral and claims she was ingored by Rose's widow.
Ruby said she attended the funeral but Mrs Rose ignored her and called her a "disgusting human being who was only famous for being Lionel's goddaughter".

Lionel Rose

Lionel Rose

World Bantamweight pro-boxing champion Lionel Rose of Australia poses for a picture in 1968.
"I have only seen her twice since she was christened. She didn't even contact us when Lionel died."

In a tweet this morning, the star responded by saying: "I'm going to go to the gym before I make any decisions about whether I want to comment on such mean, untrue allegations. X"

After her exercise session, Ruby tweeted to her followers:"You know what, thank you guys. Unfortunately like many I have a family where not everyone gets along. However this time of the year marks close to a year when Australia lost an incredible legend. That should be the focus and the inspiration he created. Love you Lionel x."

Ruby Rose

Media personality Ruby Rose poses for a portrait session before the Nike 'She Runs the Night' race.
THE family of boxing legend Lionel Rose has hit out at starlet Ruby Rose's decision to take his name, saying they hardly know her.

Nearly a year to the day since Rose's death, his devastated widow Jenny said she and the boxer's family have had no contact with Ruby since she was a child, the Herald Sun reports.

The 26-year-old TV presenter, who has the birth name Ruby Rose Lagenheim, has spoken publicly of her close bond with godfather Lionel - but Mrs Rose said she did not even call to offer her condolences when he died.

"I don't want to be nasty about her - I don't even know the girl," she said.
"Her dad was a very special mate of Lionel, but after he split up with her mum we never saw her.

Lionel Rose funeral

Ruby Rose at Lionel Rose's funeral service last year at Festival Hall. Picture: Darren Tindale

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