Wednesday, May 30, 2012

OMG,Making Faces with Kristen Stewart(Part Two)

She's Got the Look(s)
Kristen Stewart gets slammed by people complaining that all she does is scowl and bite her lower lip, but that accusation is simply unfair. KStew has plenty of looks up her sleeve ranging from the goofy to the sarcastic to the, well, you'll see.

It looks like Comic-Con left a sour taste in Kristen Stewart's mouth. Even with her reputation for being a bit of a frowny face, this one takes things to a new level.

Oh Hell No
When Kristen Stewart hasn't had her coffee in the morning, it's best to keep your distance lest you be met with this deathly gaze.

Eff You, Lagerfeld
Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has said enough crazy shit to earn his fair share of enemies, but no one's quite sure what he did to inspire KStew's dreaded one finger salute.

Some brave soul should really put together a compilation of all the times Kristen Stewart has been seen nervously biting her lip. Oh wait, dozens of YouTubers already have. Well done, people. And they call this an apathetic generation.

Tears of Kristen
Don't be sad, Kristen. Yes that haircut was a questionable choice, but that's no reason to tear up. You're beautiful, really.

For someone who fusses with her hair constantly, Kristen sure doens't look stoked to have someone else mess with her long brown locks.

Short Circuit
Some reporter sure stumped the Twlight crew. Maybe he/she was bold enough to ask how the hell this franchise became so popular.

Got My Eye on You
This is the look of someone who holds a grudge and wants you to know it. Lesson: Don't ever cross Kristen Stewart.

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