Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Reynolds, Johansson Tackle New Roles... Still Divorced

Oscar Watch 2013
First looks at Hitchcock, The Master
A first cut of Cloud Atlas premiered at Cannes this week and word is the film pushed three hours, but is a promising adaptation of a very tough novel. The story weaves through centuries and production enlisted the help of three directors: Tom Tykwer, and the Wachowski brothers to convey the six different stories. It's too early to tell how awards-worthy this one will be, but its impressive cast (Tom Hanks, Halle Berry) and holiday release schedule (Dec. 6) place it in a position to compete come Oscar season.

Scarlett Johansson as Janet Leigh (X17online.com via Yahoo)
Here's a first look at Scarlett Johansson as Janet Leigh on the set of Hitchcock, the film about the production of Psycho starring Anthony Hopkins as Alfred Hitchcock. Again, we'll need to see more to judge if Hopkins performance has legs, but he has a history of cherished roles and biopics are pure Oscar-bait.

The biggest treat of the week was this short clip out of Cannes providing the first look at Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master. The clip shows Joaquin Phoenix's frantic performance backed by Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood's (There Will Be Blood) ominous new score. It actually looks like a straight sequel to There Will Be Blood with the music and beach setting.

Trailer of the Week

You've got to hand it to the brains behind the James Bond franchise. They know how to name a movie. The newest addition, Skyfall, debuted a teaser trailer this past week. Due to be released November 9, the film should rake it in at the box office this Fall. Daniel Craig returns for his third turn as 007 and will look to up the stakes yet again. Always on the cutting edge of action movie-making, the new Bond films typically feature death-defying stuntwork and the requisite gorgeous bombshells that are the series' trademark. Don't expect heavy meaning in the script, but the new teaser does gives a good look at the scope of the action sequences. One glaring omission: no sign of Javier Bardem, who will play the villain, Raoul Silva.

Red Carpet Photo of the Week
Hayek owns the red carpet at Cannes

Standing before a throng of pool photographers, Salma Hayek stands out like an elegant black swan in a puddle of ketchup.

Casting Corner
Reynolds as Highlander? 

Nothing is definite yet but there's some news out of the the Highlander remake that Ryan Reynolds is at the top of the producers' wish list. Reynolds would play the role of Connor MacLeod, made famous by Christopher Lambert in the 1986 original. Talks are ongoing at this point as The Green Lantern star is entertaining other offers as well. Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is onboard to direct the remake. Reynolds has also been attached to the possible Green Lantern sequel as well as an adaptation of Deadpool (another sword-wielding warrior) which has been rumored for well over a year.
News out of Cannes: Natalie Portman is supposedly attached to Lynne Ramsay's new project, Jane Got A Gun, a new female-led western that was included on the 2011 Black List. Ramsay, who directed last year's We Need to Talk About Kevin, has a penchant for strong female lead performances so this newest venture seems right up her alley. The story is about a young wife whose husband returns riddled with bullet wounds. She is forced to defend her farm when the husband's gang tracks him down at home.

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