Tuesday, May 29, 2012

OMG, Making Faces with Robert Pattinson(Part Two)

Making Faces with Robert Pattinson
For all the facial muscle control required by his chosen career path, you would think Robert Pattinson would show more self control when he's out in public. You would be wrong.

9. On His Way Down from a Trampoline
Wheeee! With his hair always sticking up like he stuck his finger in an electrical socket, Rob sometimes looks like he's on his way down from a big trampoline jump, especially when he makes faces like this one.

10. Oh Boy
Girls love the way RPattz is always tousling his hair, but sometimes he gets a look on his face that turns him into a living cartoon.

11. You Don't Say
Did someone tell Rob an inappropriate joke right before this picture was taken?

12. Yup, I'm Robert Pattinson
Yeah I know. All the girls wanna touch my hair and all the guys wish they knew what girls find so appealing about me. I'm Robert Pattinson. Deal with it.

13. What's Up, Elephant?
Sure, Reese Witherspoon is OK, but by Mr. Pattinson's own admission the co-star he really loved on Water for Elephants was the elephant herself. With sidelong glances like this one, we're sure the affection was mutual.

14. Stellaaaaa!
Even if Robert Pattinson doesn't turn out to be the Marlon Brando of our time, at least he can mug like him. It looks like he was practicing his Streetcar lines when someone snapped this shot.

15. I Think I Underdressed
When Rob showed up to the People's Choice Awards with Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart he looked out of place next to their fancy-schmancy evening wear. Perhaps he was second guessing his thrift store jacket while making this face.

16. Classic Rob
This photo, from back before our beloved Twilight star began experimenting with shorter hair, shows the classic Robert Pattinson the way we remember him in 2009 – with his hair unwashed and his face contorted.

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