Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Around the World with Lady Gaga -England, Japan, France, New York, Germany & more Included

1. Around the World with Lady Gaga - Glastonbury, England
In 2009, Gaga brought her talents to England's  Glastonbury Music Festival. With 50,000 fans going bananas, the singer put on an incredibly exciting one hour set that included everything from witty stage banter to a boob flamethrower. Yes, a boob flamethrower. That actually exists.

2. Around the World with Lady Gaga -Blackpool, England
That same year, Gaga got to meet the Queen of England while visiting the seaside city of Blackpool, England. We're happy to note the flamboyant star was gracious enough to not wear a silly looking hat in her majesty's presence, which is slightly ironic, given the royal family absolutely loves funky headwear.

3. Around the World with Lady Gaga -Narita, Japan
Normally, if someone were to growl at you like a monster, you might think they were angry, or deranged. Yet when Lady Gaga arrived with a grimace at Narita International Airport in Japan, it was pretty clear to all those in attendance that the wild star couldn't have been happier.

4. Around the World with Lady Gaga -St. Tropez, France
Though the picture's a bit grainy, we assure you that normal looking blonde sitting on the yacht is indeed Lady Gaga. Turns out she's not afraid to ditch the wacky costumes when it comes time to soak up the sun. Which makes sense, because who knows what kind of tan lines she may have ended up with otherwise.

5. Around the World with Lady Gaga -Queens, New York
Generally speaking, Gaga loves being in the spotlight. So it was a bit perplexing to see her throw the bird at photographers while attending a Mets game in Queens, New York. A professed Yankees fan, we can only assume her anger came from the sudden realization that she was sitting in the wrong baseball stadium.

6. Around the World with Lady Gaga -Chicago, Illinois
Lady Monster took to the windy city in 2010 to put on a show at Lollapalooza, one of the nation's premier music festivals. We're not entirely sure how she saw anything with those glasses on, but we're told she made it through the set without falling over.

7. Around the World with Lady Gaga -MGM Grand, Las Vegas
Lady Gaga wasn't the only big name star to show up at the iHeart Radio Music Festival in Las Vegas. But it shouldn't surprise you to hear she was one of the most dazzling acts of the evening. The pop star brought down the house with a riveting performance that included a heartfelt dedication to her late little monster, and online bullying victim, Jamey Rodemeyer.

8. Around the World with Lady Gaga -Lyon, France
Like most pop stars, Gaga has put on shows across the globe, from Japan to London to Los Angeles. Here we see her on stage at the La Halle Tony Garnier in Lyon, a less frequently visited city in France that doesn't have a massive tower, but does have a lot of homes with bright red rooftops -- if you're into that sort of thing.

9. Around the World with Lady Gaga -Paris, France
While we thought about showing a picture of Lady Gaga attending Paris Fashion Week, we ultimately decided that this picture of her wearing no pants was far more entertaining. Apparently the pop star thought it was a great idea to wear only fishnet stockings and a leather jacket in the freezing cold.

10 Around the World with Lady Gaga -NYC, New York
Nearly a month later, Gaga turned up at Edison Ballroom in NYC for a charity dinner for Little Kids Rock. After schmoozing with some of the city's 1 percent, the pop star threw down $13,000 to win a dinner with Steven Van Zandt, a long-time member of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band. In case you were wondering, they ate at an upscale Italian joint called Parma.

11. Around the World with Lady Gaga -Berlin, Germany
Most Americans associate Bambi with Disney, and the first time they cried watching a movie. But that's because most people in the US haven't been to Berlin to see the Bambi Awards, the oldest media awards held in Germany. If you had gone to this year's ceremony, you could have seen Gaga sing and dance on the back of a split-in-half version of the Knight Rider car.

12. Around the World with Lady Gaga -London, England
While her heels were reasonably sized, Lady Gaga didn't hold back when she chose this wacky headwear to show off outside the Lanesborough Hotel in London. Walking around like a living cupcake, she definitely turned a few heads. We regret to inform you her outfit was sadly not meant for consumption.

13. Around the World with Lady Gaga -Belfast, Northern Ireland
Though the wild star sometimes looks like an alien in the bizarre outfits she wears, we're pretty sure Lady Gaga was born on planet Earth. That said, she looked perfectly comfortable dancing on the moon—albeit, a fake one—while attending the 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards in Belfast.

14. Around the World with Lady Gaga -Cannes, France
Lady Gaga hasn't premiered a film at Cannes yet. But that hasn't stopped her from enjoying the city's famed film festival. In 2011, the singer kicked off the 64th annual festival by putting on a surprise performance in front of hoards of delighted fans.

15. Around the World with Lady Gaga -Cambridge, Massachusetts
In Winter 2012, Gaga braved the elements when she arrived in snowy Massachusetts. The singer took to New England to launch the Born this Way Foundation, which aims to create a harmonious society where people of all creeds and colors are celebrated and appreciated equally.

Globe Trottin' Monster
Being a world famous pop star, it makes sense Lady Gaga spends a lot of time traveling the globe. From the glitter and glam of the Las Vegas Strip, to the ballrooms of New York City, the singer and her outrageous outfits have had no problem keeping busy over the years.

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