Thursday, May 31, 2012

Oh,Making Faces with Kristen Stewart(Part One)

Kristen Stewart's reputation for looking bored and bummed on the red carpet isn't totally fair. She's got a wide range of goofy faces. Check it out.

Shock and Awe
What could have possibly sparked this aghast reaction from Kristen Stewart? Chances are she was just recalling the fact that her boyfriend once looked like this.

Can You Hear Me Now?
That poor Todd Phillips lookalike just wanted to be left alone. Kristen had other ideas

The Bird
If there's anything Kristen Stewart loves more than making movies, it's showing off her middle finger. What a rebel.

Flipping Out
Kristen Stewart: Hardcore for life.

Cool Story, Bro
What has two thumbs and loves goofy British dudes? Kristen Stewart, duh.
Whoa! Reign it in, Kristen Stewart. That face doesn't say "I'm excited," it says "I'm one step away from slipping into a homicidal rage."

Say What?
Nobody tells Kristen Stewart her carry-on is too big. Nobody.

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