Tuesday, May 29, 2012

OMG, Making Faces with Robert Pattinson(Part One)

Rubberface Rob
Despite being famous for playing a vampire with an impenetrable gaze, Robert Pattinson has a penchant for making ridiculous faces. Check out a few of the best examples ahead.

1. Way to Go, Bro!
Why hasn't this picture been turned into an Internet meme yet? We're half tempted to cut RPattz out of this photo and Photoshop him into a few famous pics as the ultimate photobomber.

2. Wha?
So the camera just happened to catch him with his eyes half-closed, but Rob's dazed and confused look regularly emerges on the red carpet.

3. Ready for the Red Carpet
Robert Pattinson brought his best faces to his Cosmopolis premiere at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. The actor walked the red carpet and provided plenty of entertainment through the many versions of his goofy grin. He definitely has a gift.

4. Sorry, Chelsea
Rob looks like he just farted behind Chelsea Handler's back in this pose from the MTV Movie Awards. He'd probably say something, but it is national TV and all.

5. Heeyyy Guys
It took some real facial muscle control to nail this look. With one eye partially closed and kind of a half sneer on one side of his mouth, it looks like Rob might have been winking at the photographer.

6. I Juth Bit the Tip of my Tongue
Theriouthly you guyth, thith really hurth. Thtop laughing at me!

7. Hey, Gilbert!
Rob's funny faces didn't do him any favors when he showed up at Comic-Con with this oddly assymetrical haircut. In this picture it looks like he's doing his best impression of Arnie from What's Eating Gilbert Grape?.

8. Big Smile!
With such an expressive face, it's a shame Robert Pattinson is known chiefly for the stony-faced Edward Cullen. We're guessing in real life his poker face wouldn't hold up to scrutiny.

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