Monday, May 7, 2012

Amazing The Hats Always a Highlight at the Kentucky Derby

Here are just a few styles from the thousands that were scattered across Churchill Downs track.

The 138th annual “Run For The Roses” Kentucky Derby has come and gone once again 
(congrats I’ll Have Another), and the hats are, as usual, absolutely fascinating.
The decorations were, of course, flowery and gaudy and the spectacle of the Derby Hats were in full gear.
Celebrities attended the Derby and Star Jones, Nene Leakes, and Ice T and his wife Coco joined the throngs to watch “I’ll Have Another” win by a good margin. It was an exciting race and some exciting, though, hugely garish fashion going on. But then, what is the point of wearing a hat to this event if it isn’t to draw attention to them?

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