Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Xu Jinglei,Zhou Xun and Yang Mi——Freely Mix And Matched Make They More Beautiful

Lead: the star on the stage the focus is undoubtedly the most dazzling figures, but they are under the stage as a beautiful fashion. In winter, female stars like thick down jacket, warm jacket easy to take as long as one can easily piercing Street. Take a look at the latest Xu Jinglei Zhou Xun Yang Mi street pictures it, they are in life is an influx of people Oh!
Long cashmere coat with a purple shirt bottoming

Yang Mi (microblogging), Long cashmere coat with a purple shirt, black leggings and boots, very significant temperament. Brown hat decorated with a whole, Lingge Chanel shoulder bag, random mix of temperament range of children.
Zhou Xun wearing eye-catching purple shirt

Zhou Xun wearing eye-catching purple shirt, wearing a gray beret, neck Hermes scarves hanging freely, it is quite damp. With loose trousers and high-top canvas shoes, tidal flavor, very tender cut of the dress was oh age.
Xu Jinglei short black down jacket

Xu Jing (microblogging) Lei short black down jacket, with a wave dress and black tights and boots points, elegant and generous, Xu Jinglei dressing a lot of flavor, a little Mature range of children's temperament, but also a little playful.
Haiqing fur collar wool coat with black pants

Hai-Qing (microblogging) fur collar wool coat with black pants, boots, handbags greatly, a great dress range of children in Europe and America. Hai-Qing dress with more and more fashion sense then.
Long black down jacket

Huang (microblogging), wearing a long black down jacket, wearing a hat, boots with jeans, very simple and plain dress, winter stars are in love with this woman with long black down jacket, a wild-type.

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