Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fashion Girls Fall in love with unique dresses at Zero-day, which is not significant

Not because of cold weather, they relax their quest for beauty. Tuicu, then how many stockings and stovepipe pants are you a headache, or dress fly. A skirt in the body, but not thick legs!

Bright colors of the most elegant dress with a chiffon shirt, choose a more prominent fur waistcoat on winter flu. Of course, this model only applies indoors, if you want "neat frozen" and carefully cold.
Do not ignore the "dog" role, more and more stars are regarded as "pseudo-street beat" an important component. Hold the dog posture is also very important, many carrying children can refer to the Beckhams way.
Irregular coat is absolutely full sense of design, the other with a belt and dress is also very important, thanks to its proportion of body modification.
Incoming lapel leather jacket, with so many handsome face, you might as well go against the norm, to a flowing floral dress. Tips to wear high-heeled, unknowingly become tall.

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