Monday, January 16, 2012

Cold winter trend is bound to reject erroneous score with Korean Fan Fun

Cold winter is bound to prepare all kinds of cotton as the main, it is easy to wear warm yourself into a bear! Two MM chose to break the quiet of the brilliant winter color as the overall focus of the red rose in the long section Slim jeans with a simple padded, thick with a sense of casual shoes and lace diagonal college echo packets, the overall simple, elegant yet stylish lovely degrees, wearing the right point of failure is that the MM NG shirt with long, was many of the bloated, large change, oh!
A variety of ancient streets do with the sweater is really popularity Hold live, retro orange twist weave sweaters following smoke gray with a shirt, socks do heaps clever and echo, white leggings that not everyone in this season can control, and overall clean and beautiful, the girl in the twinkling of an eye watching NG, colors above no error, flaw lies in the sock, exposing part of the thigh is feeling really bamboo, white shirt and no primer in place within the bar do not know to express freely feeling or whatever, in short, is very coordinated, if replaced by black stockings, a black jacket in Canada will look good as a lot of echo.

In addition to her mother's sweater accident this year was undoubtedly the hottest big yard suit, to have a share of the vintage feel, but when wearing a lot of MM as large and with a lot of layers, completely covering the original flavor: first look NG girls, within the bar T-shirt with white letters inside a black skirt, leggings, socks and retro Waichuan Oxford shoes are no errors, but the red checkered shirt do? degree of warmth is 0, which completely redundant with the , it is clear to match the casual retro, it is better to remove the yellow shirt with a ginger wool scarf. MM on the lot next to the smart and relaxed in jeans sweater in the front bar, the fine points with a handsome boots, suit with a big yard is impeccable.
Black letters within the bar T-shirt as a primer inside the yellow waist skirt, high waist skirt is great advice for body Oh! It might wear the hip bone and the Netherlands was the same aunt, this time to know each other, denim cotton wool collar and cuffs designed to echo the long-haired, dark brown thick-heeled shoes and retro handbags are small ambitions outbreak. NG girl color, style are no errors, the difference is in the original side fringed skirt has undoubtedly brought the visual focus on the skirt, then a short section of Slim denim clothing simply show off the waist, step how to do it? Therefore, T-shirt to replace!

South Korea MM loves to wear big boots, big legs really show people jealous: mixed colors diagonal stripes curling sweater with a dark blue shorts, black leggings and dark blue loose sweater coat really see the overall level of matching, this time with black boots, very thin will significantly step backward. NGMM long sweaters and coats have beautiful scarves are praised, if that makes her look tall narrow boots into a pair of brown snow boots will not Fengjiashan out of it!

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