Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Coach Bags and Skull Earrings ——11 Super and Popular Stars Love Them(One)

Each woman has their own favorite of several single items, bags or earrings, shoes or coats. Look at the following 11 favorite big Hollywood actress is? Love is not about luxury is not big enough, the key is that the stuff is good to wear and easy to take everything, no wonder the actress who became a good heart!
Vanessa Huggins often left with a black tassel bag

Vanessa Huggins favorite taste of this wave of black fringed bag full of hippies line both routes are handsome or Mature or with the superior choice.

Ashley Olsen beak orange high heels often photographed

Ashley Olsen's high-heeled orange beak personalized fashion, jeans with a very eye-catching!
Emma Rose Roberts favorite skull earrings

Emma Rose Roberts has a sweet smile, but a look into this girl's favorite is Skull earrings.
  Emma Stone in love with Max Mara (Maisimala) Long coat

Emma Stone wore this to her beloved Max Mara (Maisimala) Long coat out to the streets in New York during the day, evening dress will put it out of the ceremony.
Selena Gomez always wear white shoes in Rome

Selena Gomez on her white shoes are very fond of Rome, attended the ceremony, sweet dates not from it.

Eva Longoria favorite Coach Handbag

Eva Longoria on the Coach's very fond of this blue bag, whether it is a small woman, sexy or professional Mature route, did not forget to bring her bag!

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