Friday, December 30, 2011

The most stylish Pregnant Star in 2011 ——Beckhams

Lead: 2011 female stars seem like an appointment, month and have a pregnancy thing came. The beauty of the actress who was pregnant does not affect its fashionable dress, let's look at it together!
Every time a street is bound to become the focus of the High Street

Victoria - David Beckham: The new mother (fourth pregnant) when used in pregnant daughter Harper clothes to hide body contours while everyone guessing. The Beckhams even during pregnancy, each time out and will inevitably become the focus of the High Street.
Will not give up their strong sexy style

Beyonce: Forget Mu Mu gowns and Hawaiian shirts! The star of the first mother during pregnancy is still not give up their strong sexy style. Estimated from the sister Suo Lange get Beyonce's pregnancy by the mother's fashion is very useful!
Skirt to balance their own sweet petite body

Natalie - Portman: Aleph at the time pregnant with his son, Portman with a simple color skirt to balance their own sweet petite body and grown up in the stomach.
Large blocks of collision color, leather motorcycle vest

Jessica - Alba: Alba pregnant with her ​​daughter at the time does not take sweet Haven line. This time, she took more of a character more unique route, she hit the big color of the color, leather motorcycle vests, chiffon shirt added perspective in her maternity dress.
Low-cut dress from Lanvin to a playful white miniskirt

Selma - Blair: Lanvin from a low-cut dress to cute white mini skirt plus the full face cloth shoes, Blair meet in July this year, his son Arthur Fun fashion before the law.
Black shirt and skirt to bright blue tight skirt

Jennifer - Ghana: The Hollywood actress in her line during the third pregnancy is still able to maintain a consistent and simple the actual shape of the mother, from the black shirt and plaid skirt with a printed scarf and shape to a bright blue tight skirt.
Shoulder mini dress, hat with tight jeans, boots processing equipment

Zhan Niurui - Jones: The "Mad Men" star was pregnant with her ​​son Xander during the modeling does not take a little bit on the side Zhuang Xianjing world. The actress appears to be a thoroughly self-confident single mother look, shoulder mini dress, hat with tight jeans, boots processing equipment.
From luxury to simple shape to switch between

Kate - Hudson: In pregnant with her second child, when his son Bingham, the bones reveals a hippie from the star can be very skilled to the luxurious red carpet style dress comfortably loose sweater scarf called plus and to dress comfortably switch between simple shapes.
Floral and purple long-sleeved dress to dress vs

Torre - Si Peilin: both appear on the red carpet of purple long-sleeved dress or go out and buy something to wear floral dress, ushered in October this year with her ​​daughter Hattie's Si Peilin elegant glamorous grown up dress to cover their belly.
Refined simple style is the only option

Ivanka - Trump: Trump as the daughter Arabella, when the fashionable pregnant proof, when you are active when the delicate business tycoon simple style is the only option.

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