Saturday, January 14, 2012

JUICY COUTURE 2012 Track, Pop, &Flirt Couture for Spring and Summer

Filled with unique Juicy Couture California in the spring of 2012, combines passion for tennis, and a series of innovations to create a beautiful surprise element of fashion series! Juicy Couture brand of re-interpretation of design, quality and adherence to fashion, which signs of classic sportswear also debut a new look!
Consistent body of law has become obsolete track suit to wear, sports suit new style break with tradition and emphasis on different material out of costume fashion sense, such as fine silk pants with a neat coat, close hooded shirt with pretty dresses , casual striped leather trousers with a thick heel shoes, pieced together through a variety of clothing combinations pleasant one. Juicy Couture President and Chief Creative Director LeAnn Nealz said: "The track suit style is more mature Zhen to break the routine use of color and texture match with each other, re-create the Juicy Couture spring characteristics, hoping to re-interpretation of the classic."
Juicy Couture sportswear elements to the overall design concept, together with details of tennis clothes, to create a fresh and simple, with a bucolic sport sweater series. Twenties-style tennis dresses decorated with pleats decorated, gorgeous coat and princess sleeve printed silk halter dress with a full fashion design movement style. In addition, the movement element extends to accessories and handbags, leather handbags, such as details of the car line, pendant necklaces, bracelets, belts and flash piece knitted headband, permeate the entire sports clothing line.
Color blocking and striped design in fashion colors shine! A variety of classic color combination of a fresh re-match, such as the sexy bandage dresses coupled with rugby stripes and the cultivation of striped shirt, show unique mix of results, low-key fashion. Bright Color blocking cleverly integrated into the elastic waist dresses, leather high heel shoes, handbags and wallets designs, highlighting the colorful side of the spring; striped suit jacket and distributed thick Zhitong Qun School of taste, and silk match the composition of fresh T-shirt, decorated with bracelets sun becomes more dynamic feel.
Distributed by the spring 2012 series of self-confidence, not artificial and playful pondering the natural characteristics of the brand is being reflected in the pursuit of basic elements. Perfect texture decorative accessories design and neat clothing, such as angora sweater Gun side thoracotomy, encrusted gold chain decorated hooded windbreaker and Color blocking bag.
Classic Trench Coat and clothing such as a Juicy Couture Biker jacket into a unique fashion attitude. Nealz said: "We will expansive superior fabrics and fine details into classic designs, to create a fresh and sexy new look. Juicy Couture is full of vitality and creativity, a unique identity; the spring series is being developed for the brand's future direction of the prelude, exciting! "
On sale January 2012

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