Sunday, January 15, 2012

Men's Fashion Week——debut drama of a great debut

NOTTING HILL - detached above the city on men's fashion brand, it is tired of living alone is fitted to provide the young men of the elite, stylish, romantic, elegant and functional dress personalized program. Brand specializes in subversive of secular interpretation of the conventional, to create products in the same elegant style bloom infinite novelty.

notting hill
    Notting Hill Winter 2010 menswear divided into three themes, namely, reconstruction of the world, futuristic, timeless. NOTTING HILL3, will break through the two-dimensional level of cross-border cooperation, to three-dimensional Perspective fashion to express the infinite world of conjecture and future expectations, and let this be the future viewing, be touched, perceived, or even manipulation. This is a comprehensive reflection of fashion, through time and space, orientation and spatial control, from the "cross over" to the parallel cross "cross through" a new era of three-dimensional.

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