Tuesday, January 10, 2012

3 points to match jackets make sportsman elegant and sharp

Chinese men very favorite jacket is a style, generous simple, easy to manage, but also those who have a soft spot for the jacket from the number of "eggplant-off." With the men's market in recent years, China's rise, more and more fashionable men's wardrobe, dressing mix and match to become the first choice for everyone, a lot of tomato-off determined to join knowing where to start, in fact, is a style mix mixed, but still take are tracked, as with us to look at the mix jacket rule.

I must mention huge mix brother sharp, sharp eyes spike all male beauty spent the existence of pseudo-Niang, a "tough", "pure man" spokesperson, however, ordinary people as work or school, the clothes we wear, or try to walk conventional route, after all, challenges people to accept the bottom line, not a fun thing. In short words: mix and match risk, go with caution!

Mix and match elements of a jacket: similar color to
Brown gradient sunglasses and striped scarves are decorated just right, most importantly, these with a dark blue leather jacket with the formation of the same color combination. A mix, not the slightest drag a bloated feeling. Jacket is a mature person's choice, so take the dark line is the safest way.

Mix and match elements of a jacket: shades to close, avoid large-scale use of bright colors, this will be difficult to match, all in bright colors, I am afraid you could not really hoid ah.

Jacket mix Point 2: material selection to complement each other
This jacket is the most traditional profile shape, which we are most familiar, here is that the fabric mix. If the coat is highlighted material, the trousers preferably matte fabric, this jacket will mention emerged in texture, and will focus on the upper body. At the same time, with a scarf and sunglasses, but also with the good color, add the use of leather gloves.

Jacket mix Point 2: material selection to complement each other, to avoid competing with each other.

Jacket mix points III: interpretation of the corresponding models to style
Classical ink blue, plaid scarf,, boots, Knight trousers, light and shade combination, layering is very elegant and rich. Here is the jacket that selection models, the long version of the coat, double-breasted design, destined to go gentleman route. Built-scarves, trousers, boots will incorporate them, all this is to reflect a feeling of low-key inside.

Jacket point mix and match three: the choice of models to interpret the style worthy of the name can not mess up.

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