Sunday, January 15, 2012

HOT new treasure the most perfect fusion of quality and fashion

Meanwhile, people treasure a good warm cotton drag function, not only for postpartum women need warm friends, the same applies to fear the cold male counterparts. Cold winter, a pair of cotton slippers, perhaps with close friends and family love back gift of choice, allowing you to get important people in a warm winter care.Foot, the body second heart

Cold winter, the temperature has become one of the largest health care topics, warm feet total in the modern health science more and more attention to the motherland medical Treasure information "Febrile Diseases" has a, the root of the human foot, the body twelve meridians are six meridians tied to the feet, these meridians are running blood, contact the viscera, communication table, through the up and down the path, called the second heart. People's feet distance from the heart, poor blood circulation, fat, thin legs, poor insulation, so the lowest foot skin temperature, easily catch cold. Once the feet cold, make resistance decreased significantly, a long time will lead to vasodilation dysfunction, induced acral arterial spasm, arthritis and rheumatic diseases.

Po were slippers, care of your second heart

Although the city has a variety of means of transport, but many people's lives when they will inevitably need to use your feet to walk. Some statistics on the average value obtained by calculation on the 72-year-old, walking should consume your life for 16 years, therefore, the protection of the foot becomes a special to warm relations but also to.

In response to this situation, China's largest supplier of slippers slippers treasure people, launched a series of winter warm cotton drag, drag the series cotton for warmth as the first starting point, several layers of EVA material to cast temperature isolation layer, and together with the hippocampus, hair, etc. warm facial hair, the warmth made ​​a pass on characteristics of the guarantee.

To follow the trend of the market. Under the premise of ensuring a warm, people treasure slippers specially made ​​taking into account the needs of the development trend of people, can be seen from the figure, while ensuring thermal performance, compatible with the trend of the characteristics of the treasure were cotton mop, make this home slippers products, from the home of a single feature, which will drag the practicality of cotton with the trend of compatibility.

Not only that, people treasure more comprehensive cotton drag functionality also makes the audience covering all regions, for example, after a female friend in the production, protection of the foot is extremely critical. Bao Rayon dragged solve this problem, in product development has made several warm design: 1, 2-3 cm in sole control of the thickness for the thickness of the maternal ideal. 2, the unique non-slip texture, leaving women to walk more robust. 3, EVA materials, auxiliary materials with unique and practical cotton, so warm is more thorough and comprehensive. Rayon will treasure as a month of delay selection of shoes, as is the intimate friend of maternal concern.

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