Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hu Bing 2012 fashion style——highlight a strong fashion mix and match skills

China's fashion industry in 2011 many highlights, actress contests of the war has not yet settled, star of the fashion modeling has become the media and the public attention. This year, the frequent appearance of the public view of the many wonderful shape with no doubt that Hu Bing, the Chinese fashion industry to pay a qualified answer to mature primarily in the same time, cleverly combined with playful, fashion elements, demonstrates the profound fashion Hu Bing mix and match skills.

From spring to winter, Hu Bing, an overview of the year a variety of shapes, from large areas of everyday street fashion shoot, and even attended the fashion event of the red-carpet style, Hu Bing will not only Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Hermes, Tom Ford, and other high-end on the beach quality essence of the perfect interpretation of the brand, but also by invited internationally renowned designers, an international show debut.

Favor of high-end brands have to face, Hu Bing success in personal dress style element to add the perfect personal charm to show Hu Bing, 20 years into the fashion industry with their own unique perspective Hu Bing wonderful outline a middle-aged man's modern fashion values, as a fashion started, the renowned fashion concept of all-round fashion artist, Hu Bing a year of several fine shape once again confirms this view.

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