Sunday, January 8, 2012

with fashion people - Handsome black fitted

Jang Keun Suk 
Handsome black fitted
Handsome black fitted
Handsome black fitted 
Although a recent popular men in bright colors, but to expose competent handsome dress, black, or top of the "strong opponents," then how can the common black people more than any other show alternative, fashion do?
Survey, by the general public of all ages love the black, and also the most favorite color of young male friends, the actual investigation 25-year-old boys 14, which like 20% of black people, clothing is also accounted for a higher love degree.
Black is the color with magic, mysterious atmosphere with a gas field to show the best dress up, and also filled with conservative, stable temperament, on formal occasions can also be deduced handsome dress, with easy and fashion, has been attracted the attention of everyone was.
But the black dress to wear bad dress also Samaranch monotonous, so carefully with Oh! So, let one analysis this winter the most popular black single product, and with a fine alternative solution method it!
■ handsome + dignified "black dress"
Look men's suits or coats, jackets and other items being loaded single, most are made in black, the handsome black to beyond the original sense, not only thin but also bring about a dignified atmosphere, so the very popular men's workplace of attention.
Especially in the cold winter, wear "Cascade loaded" or larger coat, if you want to perform slim, black single product the most shy. In addition, do not want to hide the perfect body, in a black dress from head to toe wearing the jewelry show, "a black" dress, you can create both handsome and dignified in a black dress.
■ Classic + alternative "black casual"
If you want to get rid of the heavy black-specific sense, choose the black with a pattern most suitable for a single product, such as giving a warm atmosphere in winter or distribute the classic Nordic snowflake temperament Check Plaid pants, with the method described is extremely Oh!
In addition, T-shirts printed with the pattern and hood T-shirt showing off the best young casual atmosphere, and then match with the color of pants or jeans, it is easy to create alternative "attractive man" image.
■ head to toe "black jewelry"
To ordinary black dress more fashionable dress, must wear jewelry, but the choice will not only emphasize a sense of gorgeous jewelry, choose a black dress of the most important jewelry.In fact, any one of the jewelry with a black dress, can show very natural. If you want to dress up as more capable and handsome style of clothing, it would match the same color of black bags, glasses, belts, watches, shoes, scarf!

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