Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sexy lace fitted unstoppable star charm

Catherine a black lace dress, Yan press audience, soft flower-shaped and translucent texture, sexy, excellent Masanori children in full.
Mila Kunis purple dress, lace top is sexy, multi-layered skirt hem with pleated gauze pressure, combined with very perfect, feminine.
V-Neck vest designed lace dress, more prominent Mila Kunis's sultry body.
Olivia Wilde's big U-Neck Dress, simple and minimalist, but the use of the waist lace point, immediately look sexy, as Catherine did not have the courage to wear one-piece of lace, the lace on the small details can also make you full glory.
Slim vest dress, Olivia Wilde looked more Tingtingyuli, waist and lace at the hem, which was thin and highlight femininity.
Lace skirt with a demonstration of one: the classic black lace dress, princess-style skirt shape, look young and lovely, with the same lace clutch and high heels, very sexy.
Single-shoulder dress designed lace dress, Slim's version of the model, it was a charming figure, with gold chain shoulder bag decorated with the bow high heels, full of sweet taste.
Very design of the Queen Fan exaggerated shoulder dress, lace and soft leather with tough stitching, it is a personality, is definitely eye-catching party dress.
Black tail-style evening dress more suitable for serious and gas field strong party, with lace lace clutch and high heels, Party queen belong to you.

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