Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nike Sportswear 2012 Basketball Collection On Spring

In the spring of 2012, Nike Sportswear carefully build college style, to the following University team to salute: Syracuse University Orange one team (Syracuse Orange), University of Arizona wildcat (Arizona Wildcats), University of Florida alligator team (Florida Gators) and the University of Connecticut, the dog team (University of Connecticut Huskies). This series of university years of campus will be the classic and traditional pattern and Nike Sportswear team of modern technology and design perfect confluence, for those outstanding basketball team bring unique style of sports life clothing series.

Every team has its exclusive color, signs and mascots, each of the Nike Sportswear giant dress will be known as the team with the latest technique image interpretation of incisively and vividly, as file research met dress evolution of science.

Classic male money AW77 even cap unlined upper garment, because for the first time, it was born in college application hair circle cloth in the track and field events field, and set up the breakthrough in the movement of the product status. AW77 in this series adopting micro fiber double coat circle cloth material, the zipper design, and use the latest technology present university of iconic embroidery name letters.

Every team of the Destroyer Jacket use specular technology, will use the classic campus color satins type fabrics processing to more attractive. Clothing of positive and the traditional campus jacket, will be the team's logo in the form of irregular.

Of the arch sweatshirts rich college style, with the same colour and college football cap, this series of equipment is complete. Nike Sportswear products not only stay in school, but also with its aesthetic knowledge on the definition, for this season's clothing graces.

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