Monday, February 6, 2012

London--lost window design

Each of the window to attract the most should belong to white advocate tone and made by different carved into the paper T.l ipop, Prop designer Lou Blackshaw run to the hare, the dog and the locomotive driver with T.l ipop new handbag series creation in the Windows of the dynamic, and William Richard Green and illustrations division Martin Wollerstam cooperation in the Windows of the design is also one of the recommended!

迷失伦敦——橱窗设计 (图)

2012-01-30人参与 字号:
各个橱窗当中最吸引的当属以白色作主调并由不同纸雕制成的T.lipop,Prop designer Lou Blackshaw以奔跑中的野兔……

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